Wholegrain stoneground flour from our family farm

We produce wholegrain stoneground flour from Certified Organic grain grown on our family farm, Woodstock, in Berrigan, NSW. We mill fresh to order for bakeries, restaurants, shops and families in our community and across Melbourne.


Our Farm

Woodstock has been in our family for four generations and it has been Certified Organic for more than 22 years. We grow a variety of crops including spitfire wheat, rosella wheat, triticale, spelt and rye and we also run sheep and cattle on our 2000 acres. We employ holistic management principles and regenerative agriculture practices to ensure soil health and optimum nutritional properties in the food that we produce. Learn more…

Our Flour

We use a beautiful New American Stone Mill to produce fine, wholegrain, stoneground flour. We produce spitfire wheat (bread), rosella wheat (cake), triticale, rye and spelt flours. All of our flours are wholegrain, which means they retain the nutritious and flavoursome bran and germ of the wheat kernel. Our flours are milled fresh to order and suit all kinds of baking. Learn more…

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We are part of a growing movement of farmers, millers, bakers, chefs, maltsters, brewers, academics, plant breeders and activists working together to build a local grain economy


Where to find our flour


Buy online

We sell our flour direct through the Open Food Network platform. We provide free local delivery (Berrigan, Yarrawonga, Mulwala), $5 regional delivery (Albury, Cobram), postal options, and a free collection point at Rose St Pantry in Fitzroy.


We stock flour in a number of stores and bakeries across Berrigan, Mulwala, Yarrawonga, Cobram, Albury, Euroa, Melbourne and Trentham. Learn more…



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