Our Farm



‘Woodstock’ farm in Berrigan, NSW has been in Ian’s family for four generations. Ian’s parent’s Bob and Jenny converted the farm to Certified Organic in the early ‘90s and have since been implementing holistic management and regenerative agriculture practices. The farm integrates sheep, cattle and crops on its 2000 acres. Currently, we’re growing spitfire wheat, rosella wheat, spelt, rye and triticale, and we’re growing out some heritage wheats including Federation, Ford, Nabawa, Dart’s Imperial, Sonora and Chiddam Blanc de Mars. We’re also trialling Australian native grasses Panicum decompositum (Native Millet) and Paspalidium constrictum (Box grass) in partnership with Yarkuwa Indigenous Knowledge Centre and Corowa District Landcare. In terms of our cropping practices, we’ve been experimenting with no-kill and pasture cropping techniques to help restore our soils.